Monday, April 7, 2014

Multitude of Mercies

by Charity Pence

Just a quick word that touched my heart today.

"Nevertheless He regarded their affliction when He heard their cry, and for their sake He remembered His covenant and relented according to the multitude of His mercies." - Psalm 106:44, 45

The 106th chapter of Psalms discusses the great works God had done for His people Israel and the numerous times they rebelled against Him.  The few short lines of verses 44 and 45 offers a rich message.  Let me break down what this passage says to me.

Nevertheless. - It didn't matter that the Israelites had strayed so many times.
He regarded their affliction. - God knew how many times they had messed up but still cared.
He Relented. - God's love was too great for his anger to continue.
Multitude of His mercies. - God's mercy does not run out.

This passage applies to me and you as much as it did the Israelites.  We screw up.  Often.  Yet God opens His arms to us when we acknowledge our sins and return to Him.  How amazing! He has no three strikes and you're out rule.  Regardless of how many mistakes we make, His mercy never fails.

Praise His name! Hallelujah!


RETA said...

This is a most amazing thing! God's love - His mercy! May we continually hasten to His throne with grateful and repentant hearts!


Women's Ministry Team said...

God is indeed amazing! Thanks for reading!